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Got Questions? You're Not Alone

Here are a few frequently asked questions, along with our responses. If you're pondering over something else, feel free to reach out. We're here to clarify any doubts.

Will you list my house or purchase it directly?

A: We're direct buyers, not agents. We buy houses in Central Mississippi that align with our buying standards. Post-purchase, we might renovate and resell them or retain them as rentals.

Are your house offers fair?

A: We aim to buy houses below market value, enabling us to sell them on profitably. We offer fast closings without the need for you to repair, pay closing fees, or agent commissions. If a fast, hassle-free sale aligns with your goals, let's work towards a mutually beneficial price.

How do you decide on your offer price?

A: We're transparent about our process. We consider the property's location, needed repairs, current condition, and recent sales of similar houses in the area. This approach helps us propose a fair price that suits both parties.

Will I face any fees or commissions dealing with you?

A: Selling to us means zero fees or commissions. We profit from the house after covering repair costs and reselling. The risk is on us, leaving you free from house worries and with cash in hand.

Am I obligated to accept your offer?

A: Absolutely not. Post-evaluation and potential visit, we'll present an offer. The decision to sell is entirely up to you, with no pressure from our side.

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