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Looking for a fast and simple way to sell your house in Central Mississippi and surrounding areas?

Forget about costly repairs. Get a FAST, FRIENDLY, and FAIR offer today!

Although we are real estate agent friendly and we even use their services, our FAST and FRIENDLY solution is our specialty. Not only are we typically faster with the purchase, we do not charge any fees or commissions and there is no need for your house to be cleaned nor repairs made - WE BUY FAST & AS-IS!

Our direct buying option allows you to bypass the traditional hurdles, offering a straightforward way to sell your house without the hassle of listings, showings, and prolonged negotiations. Request an offer today and move towards selling your house in just a few days.

The Fastest Path to Selling Your House in Mississippi

Do you need to sell your house quickly in Central Mississippi? We're here to purchase your house in its current condition! No need for agents, fees, repairs. Discover our straightforward house buying process. We believe selling your house should be fast and effortless. If you're ready to sell, we're ready to offer you a fast and equitable deal. We adjust to your timeline, and you sell your house "as-is." Leave the repairs and cleanup to us. It's genuinely that straightforward.


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We are more than a company; we are architects of inspiration, champions of aspirations, and facilitators of dreams. Rooted in the belief that every dream holds the potential for greatness, we have sculpted our identity around the mission of empowerment.


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Fast and Hassle-Free House Buying Process in Central Mississippi

Here's how it works: fill out our brief form on this website or call us directly at (601) 786-2010.

We'll extend to you the best offer we can, typically within 72 hours.

1. Initial Consultation

Share details about your house, and we'll begin evaluating your property right away.

2. Receive Your Offer

We'll present a fair offer based on market value and your house's condition, with no strings attached.

3. Close On Your Schedule

 Select your closing date and receive your payment. It's truly that simple.

Local Property Investors You Can Rely On in Central Mississippi

Hey Y’all! I'm Clint Peoples, the proud owner of Open Door Properties.

My team and I are local investors who truly understand the Mississippi market and are dedicated to assisting homeowners in Mississippi.

We buy houses in Central Mississippi, offering a seamless house-buying process and covering closing costs as an added advantage

Areas we serve include:

  • Jackson

  • Clinton

  • Pearl

  • Brandon

  • Flowood

  • Madison

  • And many more...

We're committed to reducing the stress and hassle of selling your house. If you're serious about selling your property in Central, Mississippi, start with us today for a fast online quote, or give us a call at (601) 786-2010.

Get Your an Offer Today!

Your Go-To House Buying team in Central Mississippi

No matter your situation - foreclosure, divorce, relocation, need for repairs, or any other challenge - we can provide assistance. Whether the house is occupied, empty, or uninhabitable, we're here to help. Our aim is to support homeowners facing any condition, including unwanted inheritance, overdue payments, downsizing issues, and more. Even if your house has been listed before, needs costly repairs, suffered from fire damage, or has problematic tenants, Open Door Properties is ready to purchase it and address your unique circumstances.

Why Consider a "We Buy Houses" Approach in Central Mississippi?

While listing with an agent is perfect for houses in pristine condition and for those not in a rush, selling to a company like Open Door Properties can offer a swift transaction and a nearly guaranteed close. We strive to remove the burdens of traditional house selling, providing you with a speedy, fair, and possibly cash offer. We're here to discuss your needs and offer the best solution, whether that means buying your house or referring you to a top-tier real estate agent. Our goal is to support you in the best way possible.

Streamline the House Selling Process in Central Mississippi

Is it possible to avoid the uncertainty and delay of selling my house traditionally? Absolutely! Sell directly to Open Door Properties. We offer fast closings, often within 14 days or less, potentially in cash, saving you from fees and commissions.

What we offer to you include:

Zero Commissions

You pay no commissions, and we cover closing costs

Private Transaction

Our process is discreet, avoiding the MLS and numerous showings.

Sell As-Is

No need for repairs; we handle all of that for you.

Fast Sale

We can make a fast decision, freeing you from waiting for buyer financing.

No Cleaning Required

Forget about cleaning up; we've got it covered.

Your House Selling Options in Central Mississippi

When it comes to selling your house in Central Mississippi, you have three primary options:

  1. List with a real estate agent : This can take 45 to 90+ days, with the usual hassles of showings, commissions, and potential financing fall-throughs.

  1. For Sale By Owner (FSBO): Save on expenses but prepare for significant time and stress.

  2. Sell to Open Door Properties FAST: Skip the market listing hassles, choose your closing date, and don't worry about cleanups or repairs. There's no obligation to see our offer, and we're equipped to handle even the most challenging situations.


Got Questions? You're Not Alone

Here are a few frequently asked questions, along with our responses. If you're pondering over something else, feel free to reach out. We're here to clarify any doubts.

Will you list my house or purchase it directly?

A: We're direct buyers, not agents. We buy houses in Central Mississippi that align with our buying standards. Post-purchase, we might renovate and resell them or retain them as rentals.

Are your house offers fair?

A: We aim to buy houses below market value, enabling us to sell them on profitably. We offer fast closings without the need for you to repair, pay closing fees, or agent commissions. If a fast, hassle-free sale aligns with your goals, let's work towards a mutually beneficial price.

How do you decide on your offer price?

A: We're transparent about our process. We consider the property's location, needed repairs, current condition, and recent sales of similar houses in the area. This approach helps us propose a fair price that suits both parties.

Will I face any fees or commissions dealing with you?

A: Selling to us means zero fees or commissions. We profit from the house after covering repair costs and reselling. The risk is on us, leaving you free from house worries and with cash in hand.

Am I obligated to accept your offer?

A: Absolutely not. Post-evaluation and potential visit, we'll present an offer. The decision to sell is entirely up to you, with no pressure from our side.

Get Started Today

Begin by submitting your property information below; you'll get an offer within 72 hours. We can close fast, often in 14 days or less, regardless of your house's condition. Learn about our process or get in touch now at (601) 786-2010. Sell your house quickly and effortlessly in Central Mississippi, and move on without the traditional hassles of selling a house.

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